Posted by: abbalovebpn | 13 February 2009

Andy – Dewi

Berikut ini profil salah satu Pembina BPN Abbalove Ministries

Nama : Andi Wijaya
Nama Istri : Dewi T.W.
Tanggal Pernikahan : 15 January 2006
Jumlah Anak Binaan : 4 pasang
Foto :


  1. Pembina yg mantap,,, dari pengalaman, cara hidup, bahkan iman mereka sungguh jadi teladan + inspirasi.

    Easy going, welcoming nya mantaps juga …

    so bless to join in this community.

  2. K’ Andi & K’ Dewi
    They are a very good sample for us.
    We learned many things from their life how to build a family.
    Thanks a lot for all the guidance and pray for us.
    We love u 🙂
    Hartono & Mykel (west papua)

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